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Otis, our resident cat manager, was visited by the Mini Coops, who had a reunion in Helen. He found his favorite car - is it any wonder why?  He also loves the Mini Coop Group because they brought lots of food and treats for our shelter pets, and plan to make it an annual activity when they come to town.  Thanks, Mini Coops!!

Chubs and Sweetie are 2 of our long termers that need furever homes! BJ (right column), too!

Did you know...

We have a few 'long termers' at our humane society right now that really need loving, good homes. Most times they are wonderful animals who have nothing wrong other than they haven't been seen by the 'right' person. In some cases, they need a specific type furever home, (like BJ, who can't be in a home with other dogs). Come check out Otto, a wonderful, loving cat who has just been overlooked for no real reason. (Did you know black cats & dogs are the hardest to adopt, just because some people think they look scary?) He says, "I'm just as cute and loving as anyone else -- are YOU the one who wants to love me forever?"               


Our Featured Feline


Chubs is such a sweet boy! He loves everyone and is a great purr-er! Click here to see his story... 


We appreciate your donations so much...
But the animals would love your time!

Ginny Parker gives little Wobbles some love!

The biggest thing you can give shelter pets, along with monetary donations to keep us going, is to give the pets some of your time. They need love, patience & understanding!
The dogs need to be walked, both cats and dogs need to be played with, and all need to know they are loved and safe, which makes them happier and calmer, which also helps them get adopted faster! Some need grooming, or socializing, or command training. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just sit with them in their kennels and show them it's a safe place, and people are going to treat them kindly; that hasn't always been their experience. There are multiple things you can do to help; check out our Volunteers Corner for ideas.

Did you knowHistorical Courthouse... There's a lot of educational information on our  Pet Information & Tips page? Do you know how your dog really is in dog years? Want some great links for pet training, or for dog & cat treats recipes? Or want a link to send a funny pet e-card that talks? It's there! There are fun sites for kids, too! Check it out and send us your favorite link; we'll highlight it here! 

Check out our official Facebook page... There's real time info on adopted pets, special needs and more, updated daily!

THE MISSION of the Charles Smithgall Humane Society is to shelter and find safe homes for unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused animals; to reduce pet overpopulation, cruelty and neglect; to teach and encourage responsible pet ownership; and to advocate animal welfare.

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Adoption Center Visiting Hours
Monday: Closed to public
Tuesday - Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 1-4pm

Pet Spotlight Urgent Needs

BJ is a sweet girl that has been at the shelter too long, mainly because she has a couple special needs for her furever home & hasn't found that right person yet. She's a sweetie, but is afraid of men & kids; she would be best with a female. She also needs to probably be the only dog in the house. Cats are ok, though! She's very loving and deserving. BJ loves to hang out in our shelter office and pretend she is the Manager! BeetleJuice wants a home she can share with someone the rest of her days... Please come meet her today and see for yourself!

Our Featured Canine


Adoption Center Medical Fund

This is a fund to attend to current & future medical needs of our shelter pets, as we do not have vets on staff. This is for treatment beyond usual vaccinations and simple care. Previous pets like Rocky, Charlie and Wobbles, have benefited from this fund, so if you've heard of their fund raisers, this is a continuation of that. We help pets who are very sweet, loving and adoptable, but have immediate medical needs. Please click here to donate to help them, and future shelter pets. Thank you for your help... We wouldn't be able to help without your support! (pic is of Charlie, now in his happy furever home!)

UPDATE... Remember Samson, our lovable Bulldog mix, who had surgery for inverted eyelids? Well, we are happy to report he got a loving, wonderful FUREVER home last week!! Way to go, Samson - we know you'll love your new life & happy home!


And here is another happy update about Gracie, one of our bassetts that got a new forever home - all the way up to Canada! Click here to read about her journey and "Happy Tail"...

Gracie with volunteer Diane, getting groomed for her big adoption day!


Calendar of Events

Mondays @ Humane Society - Dog Walkers needed (must be 16 - call for more info)

2nd Tues. of every month: Board of Directors meeting - 5:30 @ Humane Society (public welcome)

Ongoing: Saturday obedience classes at shelter - call Humane Society for more info

National Events


March 3- What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day
March 7-13 - Professional Pet Sitters Week - Pet Sitters International
March 14-20 - National Poison Prevention Week (ASPCA)
March 20 - International Earth Day
March 25 - National Puppy Day

April - Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month (ASPCA)
April - National & International Pet First Aid Awareness Month
April - National Pet Month
April - Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month
April 1 - Everyday is Tag Day
April 7 - National Pet Health Insurance Day (VPI)
April TBD - International Guide Dog Day
April 18 - Pet Owner's Independence Day
April 18-24 - Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week (HSUS)
April 18-24 - World Week for Animals in Labs
April 18-24 - National Pet ID Week
April 22 - Earth Day
April 24 - World Veterinary Day
April 24-30 National Scoop the Poop Week
April 25 - Don't Step In The Dog Poop Day
April 25 - International Day of the Dog
April 26 - National Kids and Pets Day
April 26 - National Pet Parent's Day
April 30 - National Arbor Day