*Happy Winter!   Sit - Stay... Awhile!*


Tax Time... Donation Time??
Won't you please help us?
Now that the holidays are over and winter is in full force, it's time to prepare those taxes.  It's a perfect time to consider donating to the Humane Society. Being a 501c3 Nonprofit Business, your donations are tax deductible. Winter heating bills are very high, and medical funds are always needed, so please consider the shelter animals when they need you most.! 
June 6th - Save the Date!
Hard to think about balmy breezes and warm weather, but it'll come soon enough, and when it does, we're having a great golf tournament fund raiser!  Tournament will be at Mossy Creek Golf Course in Cleveland.  It's a beautiful 18 hole course with a yummy grill serving food.  Keep checking back for more info as time gets closer, but save the date - the proceeds benefit our shelter animals!
Cassie - adopted @ 5 mos. -9 yrs. now & happy! She was found in a drain hole & deemed 'unadoptable'... She's fine now! 
Shelter pets make wonderful, loving pets!Sometimes, they haven't had such a great beginning to their lives, but you can give them the love and affection they so richly deserve.  Abuse is a sad reality, and some shelter pets have dealt with various forms of it, from verbal to physical to neglect.  PetPlace.com has a great article on how to welcome a formerly abused pet into your home, and how to make them feel safe and welcome.  It's great info to use for any adopted pet, as coming 'home' is a new experience to them, and some adapt quicker than others. Click here 

Save your Soul - er, Sole...
                           - for the Animals!
This is one of the best fund raising programs we've come across lately, because not only is it easy, it helps our shelter pets, and then it helps others, too! Using Shoebox Recycling's program, just save your gently worn shoes and donate to us.  We'll collect in our box, ship to them, (for free) and get 50 cents/lb. for the shoes! In turn, others get new shoes they might not otherwise receive. You can even put a note in the shoes and trace who receives them!  Cuts the landfill, helps others, gets rid of old shoes you aren't using, and best of all --- Helps Our Shelter Pets!  Drop old shoes by shelter and put in our recycling box. If your business is interested in carrying one of our drop-off boxes, please contact us; the more boxes, the more money for our pets! Click on picture link above for more info.
Do you know... Smokey Joe?
We have a few 'long termers' at our humane society right now that really need loving, good homes. Most times they are wonderful animals who have nothing wrong other than they haven't been seen by the 'right' person. In some cases, they need a specific type furever home, but are wonderful pets and just need the right adoptive home.
Smokey Joe is a 3 year old shepherd mix who has been in shelter care for 1.5 years. Joe initially came into the shelter in Jan12 as part of a litter of 5 week old pups. He was adopted and after 15 months was returned to the shelter in Jul 13. Initially, Joe had a highly reactive fear of leashes and displayed other behaviors that indicated he had not been treated kindly. With the attention of staff... and volunteers, Joe was able to relax and show a sweet and goofy personality that relished belly rubs and long walks in the woods. When with the staff members he adores, he wiggles and whimpers with joy. Joe is a strong dog weighing in at 60 lbs. He is good with most dogs and plays best with those of a size that will not be run over by his strength. An adult only household is being sought. Joe will be a loyal and protective companion. Adoptive parent needs to be aware that he will have trust issues with other people initially, and patience can overcome that. He has tried to nip out of fear and needs a loving guardian to gain trust again.

Joe's adoption fee is $25. Joe is sponsored by Lorraine Newell in memory of Hella.
 Fall Yard Sale & Cookout 
Our fall yard sale was an amazing success... Over $6000 was raised from this 3 day event!  Many thanks to Melissa Pestle for heading up this incredible fund raiser, and to many, many volunteers who helped set up, price, clean up, and list items online for sale, as well as everyone who donated wonderful items for us to sell!  We appreciate it, and the shelter pets say Thank You!!

Did you knowHistorical Courthouse... There's a lot of educational information on our  Pet Information & Tips page? Do you know how your dog really is in dog years? Want some great links for pet training, or for dog & cat treats recipes? Or want a link to send a funny pet e-card that talks? It's there! There are fun sites for kids, too! Check it out and send us your favorite link; we'll highlight it here!

Check out our official Facebook page... There's real time info on adopted pets, special needs and more, updated daily!

THE MISSION of the Charles Smithgall Humane Society is to shelter and find safe homes for unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused animals; to reduce pet overpopulation, cruelty and neglect; to teach and encourage responsible pet ownership; and to advocate animal welfare.                                                



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Adoption Center Visiting Hours
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 Allie is special & needs you!
Allie has a slightly crooked face due to mild facial nerve paralysis. Her condition creates a small amount of drooling and less than normal blinking of one eye. She has been evaluated and requires no treatment as she has adjusted to her mild impairment. Yet no one has shown any interest in adopting her. She has overcome fear and distrust that was generated by a short term adoption as a puppy. Though not physically perfect, she has a sweet nature and longs for someone to think she is special enough to share their life. Allie is 1 year old and has lived in the shelter for 7 months. She is fun and does not know she is in any way different from other dogs.  All she needs is someone to believe in her.
 Featured Canine: Carter

Featured Feline: Daisy 

   Adoption Center Medical Fund    
         Charlie, now in his happy furever home!        
This is a fund to attend to current & future medical needs of our shelter pets, as we do not have vets on staff. This is for treatment beyond usual vaccinations and simple care. Previous pets like Rocky, Charlie and Wobbles, have benefited from this fund, so if you've heard of their fund raisers, this is a continuation of that. We help pets who are very sweet, loving and adoptable, but have immediate medical needs. Please click here to donate to help them, and future shelter pets. Thank you for your help... We wouldn't be able to help without your support!                      

Gracieone of our bassetts that got a new forever home - all the way up to Canada! Click here to read about her journey and "Happy Tail"...

Some other happy adoptions...

Atlas: Our resident lab was such a happy guy, but was getting a little frustrated with being kenneled such a long time. We

 couldn't figure out why no one adopted him; he's a good, fun-lovin' guy! Well, turns out, it was just because the right person hadn't seen him.  Now Atlas is happy in his new forever home!  We'll miss him, but happy he's found a great home with lots of love!
We appreciate your donations so much... But the animals would love your time!
The biggest thing you can give shelter pets, along with monetary donations to keep us going, is to give the pets some of your time. They need love, patience & understanding!
The dogs need to be walked, both cats and dogs need to be played with, and all need to know they are loved and safe, which makes them happier and calmer, which also helps them get adopted faster! Some need grooming, or socializing, or command training. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just sit with them in their kennels and show them it's a safe place, and people are going to treat them kindly; that hasn't always been their experience. There are multiple things you can do to help; check out our Volunteers Corner for ideas. 

       Calendar of Events            

- Mondays @ Humane Society - Dog Walkers needed (must be 16 - call for more info)
- 2nd Wed. of every month: Board of Directors meeting - 5:30 @ Humane Society (public welcome)
- Saturday Obedience Classes at shelter - call Humane Society for more info

SAVE THE DATE: June 6th - Fund raiser: Golf Tournament at Mossy Creek 

 National Events 

National Dress Up Your Pet Day - January 14

February - National Prevent a Litter Month (HSUS)
February - National Pet Dental Month (AVMA and American Veterinary Dental Society)
February - Responsible Pet Owners Month
February 7-13 - Have-a-Heart-for-Chained-Dogs Week- Dogs Deserve Better
February 14-20 - Pet Theft Awareness Week
February 14 - Pet Theft Awareness Day
February 20 - Love Your Pet Day
February 23 - International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
February 23 - Spay Day USA - Doris Day Animal League & HSUS
February 24 - National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
March 3- What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day
March 7-13 - Professional Pet Sitters Week - Pet Sitters International
March 14-20 - National Poison Prevention Week (ASPCA)
March 20 - International Earth Day
March 25 - National Puppy Day